Cersei Coronation Gown
Cersei Shoulder Armor
Cersei Coronation Gown


Cersei Coronation Gown & Crown
Origin: Game of Thrones, Season 6 
Character: Cersei Lannister
Hours of Time Spent (handmade): 35 hours
Materials Used: Black Fake Leather (from Ebay) for the gown, Worbla's Finest Art in Black + Acrylic Paints for Shoulder Armour and Crown
This Costume was entirely handmade (except for the silver chain across my chest - which I bought on Etsy) and had to find a way to attach. :) 
 It was incredibly difficult making this dress because I had absolutely no pattern I could work with to make it and had to make my first own dress pattern. But it turned out absolutely beautifully and was received well wherever I went!

With my shaming act and my own personal Unella I think Cersei was the highlight of many a con! :D

Want to see Cersei's adventures and exploits? Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel (there's a Cersei shaming/shenanigan video of me and Septa there) ;)