Android 18 Cosplay
Items bought:
- Miniskirt was from the United Colors of Benetton Outlet 
- Vest was bought at a Canadian shopping mall 
-Red Ribbon patch was bought off Amazon
- Wig: 60 cm Lace Front Wig Flaxen from
- Contact Lenses: Mystery Blue from TTD Eye
Black Shirt: Primark
Striped Shirt: Primark
Short Note:

I make most of my costumes but with some the amount of money I would have to spend on fabric, some cosplays are just not worth it and it's cheaper to  research and buy separate finished products and assemble them.  Cosplays which I assemble by buying things I DO NOT ENTER INTO COSPLAY CONTESTS OR COMPETITIONS because it wouldn't be fair. But it's fun to transform into the character simply and easily sometimes without a great amount of money or hassle. I already had mosr od these clothing items lying around my house. :)