Welcome! Bienvenue! Wilkommen and dobro dosli to my page!

Let's make it short and sweet, shall we?


I'm Ari Rubin, a creative and multitalented powerhouse that is an energetic, assertive, extro-introverted, powerful, magnetic, intercultural, multilingual, emotional, passionate, deep, determined, philosophical, dark, unconventional, rebellious, empathetic and kind conundrum! :)

I am also: 

•  A professional and working agency model (commercial, fashion, lifestyle) 

•  A professional actress (with small roles in film, television, theatre & ads)
•  A  passionate Youtube artist & Singer and entertainer 

•  A fine arts and portrait photographer

•  A pioneering entrepreneur and business owner of
•  A Cosplayer (Costume-Maker, Makeup Artist, Performer) - All-in-One! 

I am alsooooo: 
a.) a wise toughass and hardened Warrior

b.) an openhearted, creative outside-the-box hippie & passionate NERD.
c.) a gooey marshmallow with a cloudy core on the inside

d.) All of the above

I'm a model, an actress, a born entertainer, an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the world's biggest online rental platform for all creative things WISHRENT (, a singer, a dancer, a Youtuber, cosplayer and larper and a hobby designer and costume-maker.

I'm a Canadian, a Bosnian, a German and a Serbian and a combination of all parts wonderful North-American, Southeast and Western European.

I'm a real interesting mutt :)

Enjoy my page and don't forget to drop me a line (if this be your wish) ;)

Stay badass,